Thousands of opportunities to make money

Reap the rewards!

Our integrated hotels portfolio has been developed to ensure that every component allows you to make you even more money.

You can now check which provider and rate is more beneficial for you by comparing commissions at a glance and book accordingly without making the customer wait.

Together with a choice of rates and flexible payment options the solution gives you visibility to make decisions that will best benefit your business for every hotel sale.

Thousands of opportunities to make money

A World Of Content

Access to Even More Hotels

Instantly find the hotel content you need through our single integrated shopping window. Amadeus brings together content from hotel chains, representation companies, independent hotels and with offers from leading aggregators into one single shopping interface.

By re-engineering our hotels database, we've made sure you can compare on a like-for-like basis different rates and payment types offered by various providers for the same hotel.

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Change To Powerful shopping

Make hotel choices that are the most profitable for your business and best suited to your travellers needs. Our 'best price package indicator' highlights the most competitive combinations for rooms and rates.

Make it easy for your customer to choose the best offer by automatically emailing a shortlist of best offers for them to compare and choose from.

Shop from the map

Easily see where hotels are located

Indicators And Features

Change To Intuitive Interface

Our objective from the start has been to make your experience of our solution beautifully simple. Our re-designed user interface brings to the forefront detailed hotel descriptions, photos and maps allowing you to make informed decisions with your customers.

We have also a number of iconic indicators that tell you at a glance if breakfast is included in the rate and what kind of facilities and amenities are available in the room and hotel.

Icons Explained

  • Internet Access
  • Air Conditioning
  • Health Club
  • Parking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Business Centre
  • Room Service
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Pets Accepted
  • Laundry Service

Payment Options

Change To Smart Payment Options

Right from the outset we'll give you visibility on what the payment options are for each room and rate, whether pre-paid or post-paid. And if you or your customer is interested you can also read in detail the terms and conditions, which are easily accessible in a pop-up window at the click of a button.

When it comes to paying, we'll support all the payment methods offered by our different partners, which typically include:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Customer Credit Card
  • Agency Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Line
Complete visibility on payment options for each room and rateGiving you complete control

Commission Collection

Stay Cash Rich

We live by the principle that making the bookings is hard enough, so collecting your commission should be easy. To make sure you can make the most from every booking, we'll highlight the commissions available for every rate option from all providers.

With a certain pre-paid or net rates, you’ll be able to collect the commission or your margin upfront. For post-paid rates many of our hotel partners offer commission payment guarantees and run centralised payment programmes. In addition, several partners work with specialised payment companies to ensure you receive your commission on time every time.


Always Connected

We’ve designed all of our solutions around a single Passenger Name Record (PNR) and full active integration of all hotel bookings to the PNRs. This means that our systems are completely integrated and that any change to the PNR is automatically and instantly reflected in the provider system ensuring information to all partners is fully synchronised at all times.

Whether you're in the graphic or cryptic mode, any of your agents will be able to pick a hotel booking in your network. All of this information seamlessly feeds into your mid- and back-office allowing you to carry out all of your reporting and reconciliation processes.

This connectivity extends to your customers with our traveller app 'Check my trip', which keeps them informed of all changes to their itinerary as and when they arise.

We join the dots for every partner on your trip

How We're Different

If all the explanations above aren't enough to show you why you should switch to Amadeus, here is one more. Unlike our competitors we take a 360-degree approach to helping you grow your hotel business.

We don't stop at great technology. Our insightful consultancy and our commitment to be around to support you 24/7 ensures that you make more money from hotels.

Let's not waste any more time, drop us an email and we'll get you started on Amadeus right away.

Disclaimer: Hotel content evolves constantly so the screenshot images you see here may vary slightly from your version of the solution.